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Google's Chromebook

by abc a on Jul 19, 2011

Built for the web. Is chromebook good enough to replace your laptops/desktops?
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Google chromebook is in available in 2 versions one by Samsung and one by Acer, buts thats not what I am interested in:

I am interested in how this chromebook will change the way we think about web (or will it?).. because remember this is a computer which does not have local data and runs completly on the cloud (If you are not connected then its just a piece of plastic). 

It boots really fast. You press the start button and .. Boom its on.. not like windows desktop which take forever to start. This is because its not going thru a big harddrive. Everything is in the cloud.

But is it a strong enough drive for people to spend so much money on it? I doubt !!

If you are an avid google users and use, Gmail, Gtalk, Google+, Docs and other Google products then you may like this chromebook. But if you are not then you will loathe it. 

I don't think this product will take off because there are lot of tablets which are doing a good job and are also cheep and can work offline..

What do you think?

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